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Finding peace when someone you love is on the Autism Spectrum

Month: December, 2013

Dr. James Oschman on Earthing

Stay grounded in 2014!


Even Emmajean loves Earthing ūüôā


Thiamine: Chelation and Autism – Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)

(YOU MUST DISCUSS ALL OF THIS WITH YOUR DR. RE: efficacy and administration)

When you go to link: look under the “Chelators” heading you will see “TTFD” (Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfuryl Disulfide).

There is a form of Theanine called Allithiamine that a compounding pharmacy in Savannah, GA lists as one of their treatments for Spectrum kids.

I have read several studies that say TTFD had a noticeable therapeutic effect for spectrum children. Now that I’ve spoken to moms who have kids with severe Thiamine, or B-1, deficiency- the wheels are turning in my head and I’m thinking that there was a noticeable therapeutic effect for the kids administered this form of Thiamine- not only because it helps get the metals out, but because the kids truly had a deficit in this vitamin. Per the last article I posted it is very obvious how serious the implications are for brain health and certainly the fragile chemistry of our Spectrum kids if Thiamine (B-1) levels are deficient.

More info to come…PLEASE PLEASE send any questions on this my way!

Nutritional Brain Bomb: Thiamine Deficiency | Psychology Today

This is a basic article about what it means to have a Thiamine deficiency.
I have come across this issue several times over the last month. In the Spectrum community we focus a lot on the b-6, b-12 – but the other B vitamins are crucial.

I am sending some more detailed information to Spectrum families who request it (so if we have spoken about it-get excited,¬† I’ll have very comprehensive info to you soon & if we haven’t spoken about it and you want some info shoot me a Facebook message or e-mail me:

Basics of Biomedical Treatment: Choose a doctor for your Spectrum kiddo that believes in RECOVERY. The goal is not neurotypical kids, but happy and healthy kids!


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Below is a diagram that Dr. Buckley uses to explain the physiological aspects of ASD to her patients.

GSH stands for glutathione. ¬†This builds the foundation in repairing broken bodies- in need of detox, repair, and most importantly (if you ask me) is that you need glutathione to make DOPAMINE! ¬†Dopamine is the “good stuff” – ¬†Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps our brain produce feelings of pleasure, and reward.¬†




More on the importance of glutathione:

Please contact me through the blog or if you have questions about my personal experience with biomedical medicine.


Teen Asperger’s Educational & Social Group



Go to the website, and see the “groups” page. This looks awesome!

The Difference in Males and Females: Asperger’s Symptoms




I have a working theory that¬†¬†“treatment resistant” Depression/Anxiety/Bipolar Disorder in young women (middle childhood through early adulthood)¬†should be reconsidered- I think many of these women have Asperger’s.


A very accurate portrayal of a female with Asperger’s:

Peace Talk

Finding peace when someone you love is on the Autism Spectrum

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