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Finding peace when someone you love is on the Autism Spectrum

Month: November, 2013

Brain Immunity Storms contribute to ASD




AutismFreeBrain is an organization I am excited to learn more about.  Especially due to my interest in PANDAS, I am excited about their focus on immunity storms and the implications for Spectrum kids & mental health.

A foundation of their research:

Finding #1: Brain Immunity Storms (TM) damage behavior and language brain regions affected in ASD. During Brain Immunity Storms, two molecules (ATP & DNA) that should remain inside the mitochondria exit from triggered mast cells. Mitochondria were originally bacteria; when these molecules exit, microglia mistake them for attackers and fire continuously, damaging brain areas that regulate behavior and language. Go to: 


Vaccines & The Age of Autism

Vaccines & The Age of Autism

Dan Olmstead is a respected journalist of the mounting research about the harm of vaccines. He takes a more pragmatic approach to his arguments- some of the writing on this topic has kind of a radical tone.

I get daily e-mails from Age of Autism- a daily web newspaper and Dan Olmstead is the editor.

Notes from "Daring Greatly"

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Peace Talk

Finding peace when someone you love is on the Autism Spectrum

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