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Finding peace when someone you love is on the Autism Spectrum

Month: October, 2013

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Hi, my name is Robyn and I’m a NAC junkie.

Hi, my name is Robyn and I’m a NAC junkie.

Above is a link with great information about NAC from an organization called TACA- 

Dr. Buckley put me on the supplement PharmaNAC a couple months ago and I was hooked after my first dose. Not only does it taste great, but I felt the effects immediately- a clear head, and more energy!  This is great for tired parents and kids struggling with detoxification and immune system regulation. TIP:  Do your last dose by 3 in the afternoon, I’ve found that it increases my energy so much that it keeps me up at night if I take it too late.

PharmaNAC contains  900mg  of pharmaceutical grade N-acetylcysteine per effervescent tablet. It is utilized by the body to increase glutathione levels.  Glutathione, being one of the body’s most ubiquitous and powerful antioxidants and detoxifiers, is able to help strengthen your immune system and reduce  inflammation that may be found in the respiratory tract.-


The best way to get Pharmanac is to order it directly from Pediatric Partners of Ponte Vedra. E-mail

I will include a lot more information from TACA in future posts! - great resource

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Peace Talk: about the author

Peace Talk: about the author.

I wanted to share the below product from with you

Earthing Universal Mat with Cover Kit

This is a great way to start Earthing!


“The Reason I Jump” – on my “mandatory” reading list for ASD families

The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism

This book is a powerful read. ASD individuals are not incapable of empathy, and the descriptions of this young man’s inner thoughts and feelings prove it.

Above is a link where you can purchase this book on Amazon.

New York Magazine – “Is Everyone on the Spectrum?”


Click on the image above to read the full article

This article attempts to explain ASD’s place in popular culture.  I consider this a “must read” – Benjamin Wallace provides an excellent narrative that includes viewpoints from outside and inside The Spectrum.

“The diagnosis is everywhere: Facebook’s former head of engineering has stated that Mark Zuckerberg has “a touch of the Asperger’s.” Time suggested that the intensely awkward Bill Gates is autistic; a biographer of Warren Buffett wrote that the Oracle of Omaha, with his prodigious memory and “fascination with numbers,” has “a vaguely autistic aura.” On Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinsky deemed Dennis Rodman (selectively hyperfocused, socially obtuse) a candidate for an Asperger’s diagnosis, and the UCLA specialist brought in to make it official “seemed to concur,” Pinsky told viewers. On the Asperger’s community site Wrong Planet, threads like “Real life celebrities who have or probably have Asperger’s” include Jim Carrey, Adolf Hitler, Daryl Hannah, Slash, Billy Joel, J.K. Rowling, and Adam Carolla, who makes the cut because “I’ve heard guests on his podcast remark on his lack of eye contact.” “Kanye Probably Has Asperger’s,” BuzzFeed recently declared.”

The article cites the changes made in the new Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM-5.) If you have any questions regarding changes to the DSM please post a comment or feel free to e-mail any questions directly to me at

Peace Talk

Finding peace when someone you love is on the Autism Spectrum

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